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Welcome to the Canadian Gardening Guide online. Since 1922, people across Canada and the United States have relied on Alberta Nurseries and Bow Seed to provide hardy seeds and nursery stock for their homes, acreages and farms.

We invite you to continue the tradition by offering you our extensive seed selection and full range of nursery stock for purchase on-line.

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Alberta Nurseries is an All Americas Garden
03/02/2011 - Three decades ago Alberta Nurseries was honored to becomne an All America's testing site. Over the years we have tested 1000's of varieties in our trials gardens for suitability in Canada's unique climates. Lately, a new trend in Gardening has been getting traction, it is called Roof Gardening. These are gorgeous gardens located on top of your roof. Lethbridge Residential Roofers are our go-to for constructing this sort of garden and have nothing but positive things in our experience. This year we will be testing 68 differsnt varieties of cucumbers, melons peppers, pumpkins, radishes, squash, tomatillo, tomato, and waterelons against the seed industry's best, to identify truly outstanding plants. Visitors are welcome to come and view the garden to see outstanding plants before they are available in the marketplace.

Join us on Facebook
03/02/2011 - We'd like to invite you to join us on Facebook. Facebook is a great medium for sharing gardening information and for customers and suppliers to follow what is happening here at the nursery. We'll be making informative posts from time to time and encourage discussion on these topics and any others which may arise. We have been rebuilding our greenhouses and have finally been able to start planting inspite of the bitter cold outside. If you have an interest in gardening or like to watch plants sprout and blossom this site is for you. We look forward to welcoming old friends as well meeting new ones.

Feature Products

Petunia Pink Wave

Height/trailing type up to 1cm (3'). The worlds first trailing or spreading Petunia's. For exceptional spreads of colour plant Wave Petunia's by selected individual colour choices. Radiant 8cm blooms on 15-18cm tall plants. Will spread or trail up to 1m. An amazing ground cover with equally impressive basket performance. Does not need to be cut back during mid summer as it will stay in bloom through the fall with dark green foliage. Seed in pelleted form for easy growing. 10 seeds Packet

Tomato Arctic Beefsteak

Arctic Beefsteak has the same attributes as Arctic Fire but matures a week earlier and has slightly smaller fruit. 20 seeds/pkg

Patio Blueberry 'Top Hat'

'Top Hat' is a mound shaped, compact shrub perfect for a decorative pot or Bonsai. Small bell shaped flowers contrast beautifully with leathery leaves in early spring and are followed by hundreds of delicious full sized blueberries in the late summer. Prefers full sun and acidic soil. Containers should be stored indoors over winter. Height 60 cm (2') spread 30 cm (12'') and is hardy to zone 4.

Kiwi Hardy Issai

Everyone’s favorite delicacy now available to grow in the prairies. Showy green vines in the spring produce clusters of fresh fruits usually in its first year. Prefers full sun. Grows to 200 cm (6') and is hardy to zone 3.

Revised: 10/11/2012
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